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  • I have WP File Monitor installed and it is constantly notifying me that some images in my /uploads directory have mysteriously changed. Note, however, that the images themselves have not changed – only their “Last Modified Date”.

    Further diagnosis revealed that those images were being displayed on my homepage as part of a section that displays my latest 3 blog posts. Thus every time that homepage is viewed it causes the “Last Modified Date” of the featured images associated with those 3 blog posts to get updated to the current date/time.

    How do I track down the culprit?

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  • In an effort to track down the culprit I temporarily changed the File Permissions of one of the affected images from 0644 to 0444 (thus removing write privileges) in order to force an error message to occur.

    I then reloaded my homepage which caused the following error:

    <b>Warning</b>: imagejpeg() [<a href='function.imagejpeg'>function.imagejpeg</a>]: Unable to open '/home/myname/public_html/wp-content/uploads/featured_image_100.jpg' for writing: Permission denied in <b>/home/myname/public_html/wp-includes/media.php</b> on line <b>467</b><br />

    Since my homepage is merely displaying the featured image as part of a display of recent posts then why is ‘media.php’ attempting to open this image for writing?

    Incidently, here is Line 467 of my media.php module:

    if ( $post != $_post )

    … and it is in the middle of the section for “function media_upload_form_handler()” which is odd since I am only displaying posts and not updating or adding posts.

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