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  1. vigodsky
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I currently host a static website devoted to archival broadcast sound files. This is the main thing i do. (A blog may be in the offing but not now.) All of my sound files are far in excess of the apparent 2mb limitation imposed by some if not most WP themes.

    My web hoster package provides me with unlimited band width so this has never been an issue.

    I've uploaded the latest version of WP 3.5 Elvin to my FTP "remote site" via File Zilla. Now, how do I actually do an end-run around the inherent sound file theme limitations by manipulating my FTP directly?

    Specifically, how, where and what language do I use to "associate" (embed) or insert a sound file url of ANY length in the relevant WP folder on the "remote site" so that it will play without problems when site visitors click on the link?

    Many thanks!

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