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  • Hi so i created this site thinking it would be helpful for people looking for local physicians and to allow health care providers to control their listings and even take appointments online if they choose to. what do you think about the layout and functionality.


    Guide MD
    (My last link was removed because someone thought it wasnt a wordpress site although it is. its just modified making it harder to crack.)


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  • Your site is pretty simple but at the same time quite medical type too. For making a health related website the most imp thing is to show up the info to the users clearly which your site is pretty much doing. All the departments are well categorized and clearly visible. So its a good site all and all.

    Thanks. Any thoughts on the information that you may want to see in the physician listing pages that isnt already there? Would reviews be most important or a rating based on the clinicians education and training background? Thanks

    Once you have selected location you would like to browse from the map above choose a specialty below to browse local clinicians

    I would clean up the main sentence below the map. I had to read it five times to understand it. Also, the logo looks really pixelated.

    Thanks soopafly i changed the logo and that nonsensical sentence i had below the map. Thanks. Any other suggestions? Do you think having reviews from around the web for each clinician may be helpful? also is navigating the site intuitive or hard to follow.

    @zerackam Hello. I entered your url at wpthemedetector to know what are the plugins and theme you are using. But it says ‘The site does not seem to use WordPress.’

    Can you tell how u did that?

    Your site is showing error 524.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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