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  • There is a number of posts around this question but none that really make it clear so I thought I’d ask.

    I want to upload large files through media manager. I understand the whole php.ini restriction, but on other situations I prefer to use plupload and chunking.

    Now I understand recent versions of WordPress use plupload but I cannot see any way to set up chunking so I am limited by the php.ini restriction.

    There is an out of date plugin WPlupload, which will work but clearly has some bugs for use in the latest versions.

    So can chunking be set using the standard upload?

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    Thanks, Nilestreet, that is exactly my question! (found this via search)

    It’s astonishing to me how difficult it is to use the premier CMS to upload a moderately large file, especially on shared hosting. Having “normal” people resort to separate FTP uploading is kind of crazy. I’ve been looking at AjaXplorer as well, but all the solutions seem to expect some kind of two-phase process with multiple apps and/or plugins.

    I only even found PLupload by accident, and then discovered the same issues you asked about here.

    For what it’s worth, PLUpload has later versions of its PHP software (both GPL and paid), but for whatever reason seems to have abandoned the WP integration.

    Even with the presumably-PLupload-powered WP media manager I can’t upload anything much bigger than 132 MB, so it still seems to be a host PHP limitation, which the “chunking” was supposed to workaround…

    Are there any OTHER plugins that can do a “chunking” upload?

    I suspect they decided not to update the WPLUpload plugin when WordPress started using PLUpload in it’s core uploader.

    I have not explored this but there will probably be a Flash uploader plugin that will work for you. I have not tried these as I did not want to use Flash.

    The Omni Secure Files plugin uses PLUpload. But this has a much more specific application.

    So sorry I’m not much help. I need to find some time to do some more digging on this.



    Thanks for the feedback, Nilestreet. I was under the impression that PLupload, itself, already includes a Flash fallback, even in the WordPress Media Manager implementation.

    What I can’t yet find is where the chunk_size setting is controlled in WordPress’s core implementation (if at all). In stock PLupload that setting turns off chunking when set to 0…

    The only other solutions I can find involve either a separate application (e.g. for ftp) or a Java file manager / ftp client (and these days most people are busy disabling Java).

    Between the limitations of browser and http uploading (I think 2 GB, including AJAX) and host php limits, it seems we’re screwed. (Edit: hmm, maybe 2GB is just a default Apache limit.)

    I’m trying to figure out how Youtube does it — do Youtube users always need a plugin/app or not?

    It seems they use “chunking” in at least some of their current setup.!msg/youtube-api-gdata/9vvoY43XYOA/2DmWKu-y6WsJ!topic/gdata-objectivec-client/-n-hw3YcyMI

    My own immediate need is just to upload a ~250 MB file through WP admin, but I’m stubbornly trying to get it done without ftp, as a proving ground for regular user uploads.

    I guess I’d understand if this would all be solvable by moving from shared hosting to VPS or dedicated (even though my shared host doesn’t have ftp upload limits), but I’m not entirely sure it would all “just work” even then.

    Just in case you do not know of this alternative. I have a client that is on shared hosting where we could not change the php.ini settings and we needed to upload larger files. (50-100Mb audio files) In that case we solved it by using VideoPress. There are extra costs of course, but it does allow the user to upload files directly from within WordPress.

    When we did that job (12 months ago) I did also look at the CDN plugins but they seemed to all suffer the problem that the file had to be uploaded to the server that WordPress lived on before being copied across to the CDN which was no help as we were still stuck with the upload limit of the WordPress server.



    Thanks, no I didn’t know about that service.

    This is for a not-for-profit, so I’d rather not use a pay service. But I’ll say this, I’m starting to understand why EVERYBODY in the world just gives up and embeds Youtube for their videos.

    I’ve been browsing the WP source (via the nifty and I can’t even find the PLUpload code, let alone the chunk_size variable. I’m not sure PLUpload is even in the trunk after all? All I see is the SWFupload and a “browser” upload, along with forms doing part of the work. But I’m not a php programmer so I may be missing it. The main container of course seems to be media-upload.php.

    Perhaps WP’s PLupload integration was just a rumor?


    I have only had time to have a glance through the code, I have a moderate amount of php programming experience but not much working with WordPress. The project that prompted my original query is just ‘a when I get around to it one’ not for an active job. But I am guessing it will be more than just writing a plugin to change the plupload parameters to allow chunking, as there will be issues with testing the upload against the maximum allowable size value.

    If yours is a video upload issue the other thing that the YouTube or similar services do is solve the need to upload different versions of the video, (mp4,ogv,webm) which if you want an html5 solution is a complexity that generally is beyond most normal users.



    Ah there’s my problem — that site hasn’t been updated since WP 3.2! Even their “trunk” is a dead end. Too bad, I liked the functionality.

    So instead, browsing at , I see that chunk_size is definitely still referenced in the code there.

    So it’s certainly worth a test or three to set it manually; apparently in wp-plupload.js one can set “an object of parameters to pass to the plupload instance.”

    Worth a go, but as I understand the way this works is the plupload JavaScript chops the files up into chunks on the client and uploads each chunk separately. Then there is php code on the server that puts these chunks back together to form the large file. It is this server side php code that on a quick look I could not find.



    Hmm, apparently that PHP code is in the parent php handling the upload, whether it be Flash or HTML5, etc.

    Chances are slim that WP would have bothered to excise that, so I think there’s a real shot the functionality is all in there somewhere.




    Oh, and as to uploaded video conversion, is cool, except that it requires ffmpeg on the host (which is rare in shared hosting).

    I’ve used JWPlayer for video display, pretty effectively.

    But back on topic, I haven’t yet braved the PLupload WordPress chunk twiddling test.



    Hey, found another “chunking” enabled piece of software, for which someone has already written a WP plugin – jquery File Upload.

    Also another possibility,

    (Found these while researching Gallery3, which is currently saddled with Flash.)

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