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  • Hi,

    When trying to add an image on a post, the “large” size checkbox button is disabled. The other 3, thumbnail, small size and full size is enabled but not the “large” size.

    Could anyone asap let me know the solution for it?


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  • esmi


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    Have you tried switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems?

    Yes, I have tried WordPress default theme as well as 3 other themes but result still the same. “Large” image size option is still disabled.

    Go to Settings > Media. Under Media Settings, Large size. If not mistaken, the radio button is disabled if the original size of the image is smaller than ‘Large size’.

    So Full size is equal to original size.

    The image I am trying to include in the post is availble in thumbnail, small size and Full size. I can change it to all the 3 sizes, so I don’t think Full size is equal to original size here in this case.

    Is it? Ooo…
    So what the current value in Media > Large size (height, width)?

    And what is the Full size width and height value of the image that u uploaded?

    Full size of the image: 589×111
    Large size under Media settings: 1024×1024

    So, set Large size under Media Setting to something like 500×100. Then, you’ll get all 4 radio button enabled.

    But this will only affect future uploads. Other solution is regenerate thumbnails plugin that is after u set a new value to Large size.

    Yes, that worked. Thanks. BTW, I set the resolution to 550*127 for Large size image under Media section, however, when I goto insert the image, the resolution under the ‘Large” radio button states 550×111, why is that?

    Also can I change the resolution of other image size i.e. Small and Full size?

    So my first reply is correct then.

    Btw, did u understand at what I wrote before?

    Full size = Original size
    Large size = Settings > Media > Media Settings > Large size
    Medium size = Settings > Media > Media Settings > Medium size
    Thumbnail / Small size = Settings > Media > Media Settings > Thumbnail size

    For your other question is for keeping the image’s aspect ratio.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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