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    I’m quite new to wordpress but have a basic/decent understanding of HTML, php, and a few bits and pieces, not a TOTAL beginner but definitely not a pro!

    I have set up a swanky looking woocommerce store which i am in love with, especially as my personally coded simple paypal cart + php script to display photos is clunky and has no order management! im working from email order confirmations!

    I have scoured the internet for weeks now, looking for a plugin or something that will allow me to sell photography on a large scale. I provide a whole bunch of different styles of photoshoot needing different products, prices, permission rules etc, but MOST of that is covered through a bunch of woocommerce plugins i have but i have a big problem with one type.

    i provide photography for dance competitions and (for now) have around 10 events a year where i take 45,000 photos in a weekend (no joke.) around 300 performances, with about 150 shots per performance, ish. it is widely accepted that at competitions, photos are not sorted or doctored before sale, but this is done at POS with software by staff with PCs and printers.

    all photos are uploaded to website ASAP after the event (ideally within 2 days, max 5) so upload needs to be simple.

    my current (crappy) php script allows me to upload all photos (after resizing) in their current file structure, and absolute PHP urls just work out what photos are in the directory, list them, and add that photo id to cart with size chosen.

    moving to woocommerce, and needing all photos to be registered in a DB brings SO many issues.


    – uploading, sorting, dealing with 500,000 a year (just from these events)
    – adding these all as products? i want to add the photoshoot (performance) as product, and have them able to open a lightbox, with PREV/NEXT, favouriting shots from there, and then choosing sizes, and then check out
    – general nightmare

    the woocommerce photography plugin is terrible and i cant find anything anywhere near this. im now convinced ill need something custom but i may be able to adapt something with some help? thanks in advance!

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  • kwebdesi


    I don’t know if woocommerce is really going to handle that well for you? Try something like that is designed specifically for photographers dealing with large quantities of photos and you link that to your website.



    i dont want to use a service for this, and woocommerce very nearly fits, but variations is far too complicated for this as it is, but does actually work if i had 2 photos or something in each “gallery”, just need to figure out how to change whats needed. i dont want to use a third party, i want it to be pro

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