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  • So I recently got a new job managing wordpress sites among other things…I have all instances up and running except one, this one is a large, multisite install…40+ sites, almost 3000 tables.

    Now, the site works fine (or so it seems) after migrating the parent site and a couple sub sites to new staging domains and all that…I can surf the site(s), get around, adjust admin settings, etc.

    As soon as I open a database management tool (So far MySQL Workbench and Navicat) the database halts leaving behind logs about InnoDB data dictionary problems and the like…I can’t restart it unless I restart my computer (Mac OSX)…sometimes if I close the editor it will restart.

    I have tuned my.cnf with MyISAM and InnoDB buffers (4G each) and various other tunings…

    Any advice? I have never run this big of a multisite, personally, I assume it’s simply database size…even though it’s only a couple hundred megs in a dump, it’s a big table count.

    This has been driving me nuts for a couple days now. I can get into my other databases for other localhost sites (I have 5 or 6) with no problem, as soon as I open a connection to THAT database it crashes, even if it’s the only one I am connected too…if I don’t make the editor connection I can surf the site all day it seems like…or I can connect to dev and stage version of all the others at the same time with no problem.

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    There should be error logs from MySQL/MariaDB that you can use to Google a solution. This is probably best addressed in the various MySQL or MariaDB support forums.

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