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    I’m getting this message that is telling me that the broken link checker has a large log file that it’s messing up my backup:

    “[Warning] A very large file was encountered: uploads/broken-link-checker/blc-log.txt (size: 443.7 Mb).”

    Can someone tell me what this file is needed for and why it would get so big? I stay on top of my broken links regularly.

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    Is there a way to shrink this file? Like if I just delete it will it recreate it? I just noticed when I tried to take a peek at it that it goes way back into 2019 and has so much data in it that it cannot actually load. No wonder it’s gumming up the works.

    Hello @sunflowermom ,
    The log file is for debugging purpose and you can disable it if you didn’t turn it on deliberately.
    Also if you decide to leave it turned on, the latest version of BLC there’s the option to clear log-file on a select time interval. You can find this setting on Settings->Link Checker->Advanced->Log file clear schedule

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,

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    THANK YOU! This was very helpful!

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