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  • The Large Events Calendar has stopped showing events on one of my websites yet all of the information is displayed correctly in the Admin panel.

    I’ve had a look around but can’t find a solution. I have a feeling that a plug-in I tested the other day (and have since removed) has caused the problem but I don’t have the technical nous to fix it.

    I don’t suppose anyone is able to advise me as to how I can go about fixing this? I have tried reinstalling the plugin.

    You can view my Calendar page here >>

    I assume the problem lies somewhere beneath line 85 on the page source information.

    Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.

    NB: I’ have the up to date versions of WP and the WP Events Calendar plugin.

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  • We are seeing this same bug, but i see you got your calendar working again. Any tips?

    Mines stop working as well, it looks like SpikeDennis installed a different calendar.

    @davidealex: Unfortunately I still haven’t found a fix for this. As milah227 correctly spotted, I’ve gone about installing a new calendar instead.

    A fix for the Events Calendar would be preferred though as I prefer the way it works.

    Since the update, If you elect to create Post when creating an event, the event will show up on the calendar.

    I note that older events without a post have a postID of “NULL” in the wp_eventscalendar_main table. Since the update, new events without a post have a postID of “0”. If I force a valid postID, into this field, the event will show up on the calendar. I’m not able to force the field to “NULL” by removing the valid postID and updating the record.

    Hope this helps with the troubleshooting.

    Here is the fix that one of our developers found. I just checked the latest version of the plugin and it doesn’t seem to be included, so i’ll forward it on to the developer as well.

    The problem: the wp post title contains whitespace characters that will break the javascript engine in the browser.

    The solution: trim the whitespace in the title!

    On line 354 of ec_js.class.php change:

    $title = $e->eventTitle;


    $title = trim($e->eventTitle);

    I tried trimming but didn’t solve my problem.
    Events are still shown in the admin panel but not in public side.


    I have the same problem from yesterday!!!

    All Large Calendar posts for next month (November 2011) are not showing—despite showing in Admin. Yet all event/posts for October 2011 and previous months do show. September<October 2011>November navigation works on October page. Once navigating to November top navigation disappears (what should read October<November>December reads only November). Has anyone had this issue? Found a fix? Could the month and year both ending in 11 be throwing this off (just a thought from reading the thread on date issues last year). (Please note: in an attempt to solve the issue I have updated to the latest version 6.7.13—this did not solve the problem.)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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