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  • Hey all, I just recently completed an entire re-design of our existing corporate site. It was previously a hand-coded .asp nightmare, but now it is running WP throughout.

    Every single thing is being controlled by WP – which had quite a few obstacles to overcome, and accomplish a CMS type system. There was quite a few plugins used, such as Bread Crumb Trail Generator, Role Manager, Static Front Page, and Custom Post Templates to help overcome some of the issues that I faced.

    All in all, it is quite a major improvement over our previous site(s) and I just thought I would share with ya’ll.

    Any input, comments, critiques, etc.. I value it all…


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  • Wow! This looks really great! Nice to see how good WordPress works as a CMS.

    Just one suggestion, in the sitepath I would change the spacer symbols. Now it looks like this:

    Site Path: TeleVox | Smartappend | Commercial

    I would change this for something like this:

    Site Path: TeleVox > Smartappend > Commercial

    Wow, that’s amazing. I’m really impressed.

    Side note: I think there should be a “WordPress as CMS” board on this forum…

    I’m not sure if this is the kind of comment you want, but maybe you could make a contact form or a link to a contact page more visible so people would have more interest in contacting you?

    Thanks guys… I appreciate the looks/remarks!

    I thought about the spacers for the breadcrumbs… you have a good point.. I will try it both ways again, and see which works out better. The way that you suggest is definitely more typical, so people may be more inclined to accept them that way.

    joelwalsh, there is a “contact” link on the main menu, and there is a “Request Demo” in two other places, on every page of the site. One of my motivations in this redesign was to get people to the “action” item (in this case contacting us for more information), quicker. Can you elaborate on your thoughts of this, I am very curious about your remarks and wonder if maybe I need to make things stand out a bit more.

    Thanks again for your input, I definitely appreciate it.

    re: contact link…duh! I guess I missed that.

    Still, i think it could be more prominent. Maybe where you have the award image now you could have a little box with an offer like, “contact us for an information pack”…or whatever the appropriate offer would be, with a link to the form for contacting you.

    Surely great work!


    Is it ok that the site displays no “Powered by WordPress” label?

    It is absolutely OK, read the licence that comes with your WP package. You can also search in the forum, it has been discussed 1 million times, no need to start it again.
    Thank you.

    Great work! Ever thought about writing a tutorial how you dit it? 😀 It would be great if you could share the knowlege!

    Wow!This is exactly what I’m looking to do r our company. I’m the web developer for a software company and want to use wp, so the marketing team could make their updates without knowing html/php and without bothering me!

    I’m impressed! At the moment I’m looking at using WP for a new site I’ve got in development and seeing this is really cool, as it’s a great example of WP in action!

    Thanks for sharing.

    EDIT: I’d be really interested in you sharing more on how you did it – if you wouldn’t mind!

    The dropdown menu is falling behind the box on the frontpage.

    As for the tutorial: check out my page about this and the Worpress Codex

    The menu box on the pages are done by calling the list only for subpages of the current page. If there’s interest I’ll be glad to provide an example.

    Check out the example at: Menu’s are drop down in Safari and Firefox, didn’t get to fixing that in IE 6 yet.

    So sorry to post *again* but know I fixed the menu’s for IE6 and included a floating menu with subpages. Good luck.

    Thanks again guys.. I appreciate all of the feedback. Sorry to be late in responding about the how-to or tutorials – I’ve been swamped and not able to put anything together, however it appears that mstegink has – so that’s cool.

    I’ve been using WP for a couple of larger projects now, and I am really starting to like it. Especially since they’ve made it possible to call child pages in menus.. woot!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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