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  • I’m trying to import nearly a 64M WXR file. I’ve tried all the tweaks I’ve found in threads like this one:

    That is, I modified – in this case the *root* php.ini – in order to increase:
    * timeout limit
    * max input time
    * post max size
    * upload max filesize
    * memory limit

    … as well as MySQL’s query time max, AND wp-settings’ own memory limit.

    What I find especially disturbing is that after doing all of that, the upload times out in exactly the same place — about 3% into the upload, or 30 seconds. That doesn’t make any sense; I’d think it’d at least get further before failing.

    I should note that I’m running nginx, but I know of no directive that’d have an impact here, only php.ini.

    So I wonder what else might be making this die? I’m going to use the WXR splitting technique for now, but I’m concerned in case anyone hit the same problem.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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