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  • I understand how to migrate a site, I have a question about migrating a large site, because my ftp keeps timing out, freezing up,- basically it wont upload the zipped gz file. So my question is – can i migrate the site in ‘batches of smaller zip files? Is there a recommendation of what files need to be grouped together or does that not matter? tried a cloning plug in – site is too large keep getting errors


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  • You can do it file-by-file if you want to. Normally that’s how I’d suggest doing it, but the ZIP file method does work just as well.

    If your FTP program is timing out on the download/upload then you should check the settings on your server and in your FTP program. It shouldn’t time out when it’s uploading a single file like that.

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    Can u tell me which settings to check? Host company is NO help

    Not really. Each server and FTP program is different, so they’ll have those things in different places, and maybe call them different things.

    The onyl suggestion is that there should be some settings for timeouts somewhere in the configuration for the FTP program, and your servers FTP program will be able to tell you the same as well, but if you’re on a shared hosting account then you won’t be able to change anything there anyway.

    It sounds like you need to get a better hosting company. :/

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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