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  • First of all, great plugin!

    I was just about to buy WPML due to “peer pressure”, but really, Polylang has everything I needed for my website.

    I’ve been setting up, and trying out both WordPress and Polylang, and I’m wondering if there’s some way to setup language “aliases“. Here’s what I mean: I have my WP content which is written in english by default (so the default language is english).
    However, I also need to provide content in spanish (funny thing about spanish, is that every country that speaks it, has different ways of saying or communicating things) so I would need to use a spanish version (no problem there, I simply added a new language, es_ES).
    Now, the site will also a have people coming in from Argentina and Chile (specially), so I would also need to create an es_AR or es_CL version of the content (since terms that will be used in the content DO differ a lot between spanish from Spain and spanish from either Argentina or Chile). Having said that, in my subject matter, the same terms and copy that could be used for the former (AR) could also be used for the latter (CL), but, I wouldn’t want to “offend” (politically correct) by only showing one of these flags. Is there any way, say, to add a new language es_AR, upload/write content with this language set, and have other language (such as es_CL) simply be an alias for the first one? so if someone clicked es_CL they would be see the es_AR customized content, but still see they are using es_CL?

    Thanks in advance,

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