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[Resolved] Languages

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  • Plugin Author Franky


    There’s a small howto on this page:

    Events Made Easy

    Hi Franky, great thanks hope to figure out how to do it. Just downloaded the latest files and checked the ’eme.pot’ file and there are more strings added.

    However I can still not see the ‘submit’ as used on this page


    Any idea?

    Plugin Author Franky


    The submit-text is a setting, not a language string.

    Ok but I still would like to have it in German. Which template can I change then?

    Plugin Author Franky


    Like I said: it’s a setting. So change it in the EME admin panel to your liking, it is qtranslate compatible

    Hi Frankie, thanks but I can not find that ‘submit’ button. It is on the calendar page, where I can select a category/month and then click on ‘submit’.

    Plugin Author Franky


    You are talking about the filterform, not th calendar.
    See the doc on how to change that text:

    Yes that is what I mean but I am still not sure where to change the text. On that page it just says
    submit: the text on the submit button. Default: Submit

    and I am using this short code
    [events_calendar full=1 long_events=1]

    so really lost on where to change that text….

    Plugin Author Franky


    You’re not using “this” shortcode, but “these”.

    [eme_filterform] is a shortcode, and the documentation above explains the different options for it and even contains examples.
    You should play around a bit more. Try this:
    [eme_filterform submit=”my text”]

    Btw, since 1.2.5, the names of the shortcodes have been changed to be more uniform:
    events_calendar ==> eme_calendar
    events_list ==> eme_events
    display_single_event ==> eme_event
    events_page ==> eme_events_page
    events_rss_link ==> eme_rss_link
    events_ical_link ==> eme_ical_link
    events_countdown ==> eme_countdown
    events_filterform ==> eme_filterform
    events_if ==> eme_if
    events_if2 ==> eme_if2
    events_if3 ==> eme_if3
    events_if4 ==> eme_if4
    events_if5 ==> eme_if5
    events_if6 ==> eme_if6
    locations_map ==> eme_locations_map
    display_single_location ==> eme_location_map
    events_locations ==> eme_locations
    events_add_booking_form ==> eme_add_booking_form
    events_delete_booking_form ==> eme_delete_booking_form

    Big thanks Franky, that was it!!!!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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