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    Is there a way to make a language specific Elementor-popup?
    I tried using it like any other content type, but it didn’t work.
    1. Create a popup in English and apply for the entire site.
    2. Use the “+” sign to create a translation and make sure the original popup name appears on the language section (meaning, the two popups are linked).
    3.Click on “publish”
    * The connection between the popups does not apply it looks like the original popup has no translation.
    * only the 1st popup works for the entire site, on all languages.

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  • Plugin Author David Decker


    Hi and thanks for your feedback!
    The popups are very new and when we first did the plugin back in November of last year weren’t even a thing then 😉

    Technically the popups are just Elementor Templates (same post type also!) as the other templates. However, they are technically not used as the loop or within the loop. They are used to make things on top of other things. So that is the reason, why they currently cannot detected with the languages of Polylang. At least at my current knowledge. — Our current solution of the “connecting” only works because all happens within WP’s loop (main loop) and we can rely on a filter from Elementor for such multilingual plugins.

    We have to dive in if somehow it is possible to detect popups by language. In my opinion the easiest would be if the Elementor team would add languages as an additional trigger and/or condition. – We will request this anyway.

    I will see if there are filters or anything maybe we could do that. If anything, this whole thing will be a future feature if possible 🙂

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    Thanks, already talked to Elementor who suggested I contact Polylang (which I did).
    My current workaround is adding a language tag to each post and set a trigger by tag and another one to each page. I hope Elementor will make the effort to add a trigger by language soon.


    Plugin Author Brad Johnson



    I actually did a whole test with popups recently and the compatibility with RTL. Both work great.

    In your case:

    Simple solution.. Create the popup in your default lang… DO NOT save any conditions… Create the translated version… setup your conditions… SAVE…

    It works, just tested it myself. 🙂

    Please let me know if this works out for you.

    Plugin Author Brad Johnson


    You can see here EN page no popup: https://ibb.co/wBvQS2X and here: popup only on PT page: https://ibb.co/D8b2Z2Z

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    thanks – my flow was a bit different but the end configuration was the same…
    I will try your flow and set the conditions for my default language only after both popups are created!

    Plugin Author Brad Johnson


    You must only set the conditions for the popup of the language you want to display the popup on. So effectively, the default lang template is the beginning.. I dont know the coder/developer words, but I think that template “registers” within Elementor Pro and Poly…. Then the 2nd lang (or lang that you want to display the popup) gets the triggers applied to that template only…

    If you get it to work, then we will have to update our docs so that users can set displays and triggers on whatever lang templates they choose.

    This for me, is all a grey area and testing and learning on the way, so thanks for your patience!

    Plugin Author Brad Johnson


    Hi @oferkeidar

    I would love to know if you successfully created your language specific popups?

    Please let me know so either you or I can mark this support ticket as closed.

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    Thanks guys – I wasn’t able to make it work, so i will stick to the tagging workaround for now.

    Steps I tried:
    Create the 1st popup for the main language and save (no conditions)
    Create the translated popup (secondary language) and save (no conditions).

    I then tried all kinds of conditions:
    When either of the popups is set to: “entire site”, it will be displayed for all languages.When both have the “entire site” conditions, only the major language is displayed for all languages.

    Plugin Author Brad Johnson


    HI @oferkeidar

    Conditional Language Popups… No Problem.

    Create the Popup in your chosen language (EN for this purpose). Set the display conditions.

    Create the Alternative Language Popup (PT for this purpose). (Now by default what happens is PolyLang will copy all the settings over to the new popup). Each related popup will display on its linked language.

    Now choose whichever popup you do not want to display. For example, EN or PT. In this case PT. Edit the display conditions and remove any conditions that are required for your popup to display. In my case, I had the EN popup on the ENTIRE SITE>>>> I removed this for the PT popup. Magic.

    Save and close. Test.

    So whats happened is that Elementor/WP/polylang will call the EN Popup for EN and the PT popup for PT.

    The basic workflow that I had previously created for this to work is actually way more flexible than I thought.

    Please let me know if this works for you.

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