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  • Hi, I just upgrade the wordpress version from 2.0 to 2.1.2, & the localization ca_ES is not working.

    In local work’s, but in the server not, we make a lot of tests & nothing work on 2.1.2 version, don’t display the catalan language.

    But every thing is fine, the php & mysql versions, gettext… all is fine!

    So, wich is the problem? ´╗┐Are there more people with this problem? how can we solve it?

    thank’s a lot!

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  • You can try to edit gettext.php file from wp-includes directory.

    Find entry:

    if ($magic == ($MAGIC1 & 0xFFFFFFFF)) { // to make sure it works for 64-bit platforms
    $this->BYTEORDER = 0;
    } elseif ($magic == ($MAGIC2 & 0xFFFFFFFF)) {

    Replace by:

    if ($magic == $MAGIC1) {
    $this->BYTEORDER = 0;
    } elseif ($magic == $MAGIC2) {

    The solution was described there:

    It is working for me. WordPress 2.1.3 php 5.2.1
    This was some problem with bug in php 5 corected by this file and then upgrade on server side to php 5.2.1.

    uops, it’s not working 4 me…
    but thank’s a lot!

    any new idea?

    Maybe the page you tested was on cache, try to catch another page from your blog and see if it was changed.
    Good luck.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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