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  • Hi,

    I recently decided to build a site using WP as opposed to my normal choice of Joomla. This was because it’s only an 8-10 page site and I thought WP would be a good tool to know.

    I’ve come unstuck on several things I would consider simple (even considering WP is not strictly a CMS). I now need to add a choice of Spanish, and Danish onto my site which can be selected from any page on the front-end by a normal visitor.

    I’ve tried around 6 plug-ins all rated 4 stars or above, and they either do not work at all, or expect the site admin to translate every post or page in the back-end themselves. Is there no tool that will allow visitors to select their language on the front-end and it will automatically translate?

    Any working, simple plug-ins would be very welcome!
    Before I adandon and return to Joomla! Any good backup plug-ins would also be welcome.


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