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  • while WPLANG works OK now, I was wondering if we could take this a level further and add a drop down list in the admin screen (options) with possible choices, depending on what .mo files are found in the languages directory. The default (no mo file needed) would be English. Registered users could set this in their profile and overrule the admin setting as far as THEY are concerned (cookies/Session).
    Once content i18n (not realized yet) is tied into this selection process you’d have a truly multilingual blog.
    Comments, Suggestions?

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  • I’m not sure, but I think in order to achieve that idea (which is good, I think) we’d not proper translation teams and not people working on translations in their spare time.
    It’s been a while since 1.2-finale has been release, yet not avalaible translation are complete (most are, but not all).
    Including translations in the next release Zip would mean the developpers have to wait for/urge the translators to finish their translation, so that that version doesn’t ship with incomplete strings of text.

    Err, I think I got a bit carried away on something entirely different 🙂
    People could of course install different translation, and a menu to choose from would be neat – but maybe not that useful since I don’t see myself switching from one language to another frequently enough to requite a dedicated menu.

    anyway, ramblings…. Have nice day.

    I think it would be very useful, when different nationalities would be writing posts, editing pages, etc.

    Is there any development on this?

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