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  • I have a WordPress network and I wanted to use this plugin on one of that network’s sites to provide it with multi language functionallity.

    When trying to use this plugin I run into two issues (described below). After thinking-over this a little bit, I have changed the idea of my blogs network (from poly-language to having separate site for each language), so I won’t be using this plugin anymore. Even so, I decided to report these problems, as you may be interested in dealing with them:

    * though language selection was remembered across navigation to other posts or pages and remained correct, it was always reset to default English language whenever user clicked logo or entered direct blog URL (domain),

    * I’ve set language to each blog and in general section it worked fine — i.e., when I selected one language, I saw only posts that have the same language set; when I switched to another language, list of posts were correctly changed, again to display only those, which have currently selected language set; things got a little bit wrong, when I clicked on any month in “Archive” section — I don’t know why, I saw posts mixed, some from current language (not all!) and some from other ones; this is the most important disadvantage that lead me to a decision of uninstalling this plugin.

    I don’t know, if this is some kind of bug or if I’m doing something wrong, but — as I mentioned — I resigned using this plugin, so you don’t have to give me a direct answer.

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