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  • Hey!

    I want to create a blog with hungarian texts.

    But the blog displays everything in english, even when i downloaded the hungarian version (with the correct config: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘hu_HU’)) and the language file.

    First I tried version 2.1.3, then I’ve tried the newest: 2.2.3. The newest version displays the admin in hungarian, but the blog is still in english:

    There is PHP 5.1.2 on the server (i also tried it on localhost with PHP 4.3.9, with the same results).

    I’ve read a few forum topics, found others solution, but rewriting the gettext.php didn’t help me.

    What can I do now? Please help, if you have any idea.

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  • First of all
    I don’t even know
    what your talking
    and niether
    do my friends
    so what are you
    tring to do
    let me know
    and I might be able
    to help you

    I just wanted to use the wordpress blog on my webpage, and display the texts in hungarian instead of english, because me and my visitors are from Hungary.

    The problem is, even when i changed the settings, the blog still displays everything in english (pages, archives, edit, no comments etc..)

    The .mo file translates ONLY the back-end of WP, i.e. the admin panel. What you see on your blog (i.e. the front-end) is defined by the theme used. Themes are NOT translated by the WP .mo file. Themes need their own translation (.mo file) or have to be translated manually.

    Thanks for your answer, I’ve changed the theme..and the other one is in hungarian.. x_x

    *goes to translate the better template..

    or i need to find another good translated one..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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