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  • webitc8970


    I am new to WordPress. Can you help me? I would like CPT to be translated in Dutch. I see that there are language packs but what do I need to with this? I tried it with Loco Translate but the plugin is still in English. I would like to have it in Dutch please

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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    The BenchPresser

    Hi @webitc8970

    For all the parts that are internationalized from static strings within the plugin, they should all be able to be acquired from setting up your install to use your language of choice. You can see the status of the plugin overall for translation at

    For example, Swedish looks to only be 55% translated, meanwhile Dutch is 100%.

    In terms of the values being put in to the labels when registering your post type or taxonomy, we have yet to really find a great solution for making those translatable, as they are stored as is in the database. I know I have been trying to over the years to find a way to if anything, provide extra UI to pick the language and store the new translation separate and load appropriately, I just haven’t figured out a release-ready solution.

    In terms of content in the posts or terms themselves, after having registered a post type or taxonomy, that’s more up to plugins like WPML or Loco Translate. We don’t attempt to delve into those spots.

    On any logged-in user may suggest strings. For plugins and themes the threshold for generation of the initial language pack is that at least 90% of all strings in the code need to be translated (and approved).

    If you’ve already translated the plugin with Loco, then you may upload (import) your translation as suggested strings via the Import link at the bottom of the translation UI.

    General information on how we handle translation of plugins and themes that are hosted on can be found at

    If you’re translating to Dutch ( #nl_NL ) then I’d strongly suggest that you join the Dutch Slack space, where you can ask for feedback on your translations and if/when they’re good, they’ll be happy to assign you as PTE (translation editor) for this plugin. Slack is a chat platform we use a lot among WordPress contributors.

    Joining this local Slack workspace is a two-step process:
    1. First, join the GLOBAL Slack for WordPress contributors via
    2. Next, use your special forwarding email you received in step (1) in order to join the local Slack instance via

    Peter Smits


    Hi @webitc8970

    As the project is translated into Dutch already, you do not have to do anything.
    If you have setup your system to use the Dutch language (Nedewrlands), the translation is downloaded to your system. And the whole site should be in Dutch, not just your project. Be aware that you do not have any local translation file with extension, but with English texts into it!!
    I am one of the Dutch GTE volunteers

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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