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    I tried transferred the POT file into a PO file and translated it into my local language.
    After it’s done, but the front-end interface still remained in English.
    Would you give me advice as of why?
    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hi there,

    A few questions, please.

    What is the filename?

    Did you compile to .mo?

    Where did you upload it, to what path?

    Best of regards,

    Hi Gabriel,
    I am testing this plugin locally on my computer.

    The original file type under Language folder is .pot after being unzipped.
    I firstly changed the file type into .po file and then use Poedit tool for translation, same time a .mo file being created.

    I had successfully translated some other plugin by exactly same method before, except that those having already .po file but your plugin comes with .pot file. But I think that should not be an issue.

    Best regards

    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hello @moonyell

    I see.

    What is the complete filename that you are using?

    Also, where did you upload the .po and .mo files? To what location on your web server?

    Best of regards,

    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    All right, I have tested your renaming method. It does not work very well like that. Instead use the method described here:

    (Search for Generate Your .PO and .MO Translation Files)

    It works very well for me.

    Name the things accordingly and place them in wp-content/languages/plugins

    Best of regards,

    Hi Gabriel,
    The files names are:

    I have put them under both places:
    one under plugins/passwordless-login/languages/
    another one under wp-content/languages/plugins/

    Disappointedly, no changes. Did not expect this simple plugin would be stuck on this tiny aspect. Your further advice will be appreciated.

    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hello @moonyell

    All right, I see.

    As I mentioned before, I tried renaming the .pot file to .po and it did not work at all.

    Instead, the method described here for generating the .po file:

    I have tried it and it worked well.

    Best regards,


    If possible, would you kindly show me several key choices by screen captures when using Poedit tool?
    I tried yesterday referring to the article you shared but still in lost.

    Well, just notice no image can be attached here.
    I’ll give more trials then.

    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hello @moonyell

    I can give a detailed step by step instructions, I’m sure that it will help.

    1. First open Poedit without any file, just open the program
    2. Then select File -> New From POT/PO File…
    3. Browse to the location of our .pot file
    4. Click Open
    5. Select the language of your translation
    6. Translate some strings
    7. Select File -> Save
    8. Enter the passwordless-login-zh_CN.po file name

    At least this was the procedure on my system, I am using Ubuntu Linux, but probably Poedit is quite similar on other systems as well, and if there are a few small differences, you can probably figure it out.

    With the best of regards,

    Hi Gabriel,
    Thanks for your information.
    I tried as exactly as the steps concerned, apart from other approaches, but nothing rewarded.
    However, I happened to find some texts contained in the plugin’s php file could be replaced by Chinese without ruining functions. But only a few of the texts in the php file, not all that should be translated.
    Nevertheless I would give a notice here once the issue is done.
    Thank you again.

    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    All right @moonyell

    May it work as easily as possible,

    Hi Gabriel,
    I deleted the plugin and reinstall it today.
    By applying same steps for using Poedit for translation. It works out now.
    I feel happy now.
    Thank you very much for your time and instruction.

    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hello Moonyell,

    I am very glad to hear 🙂

    Thanks for letting us know.


    Hello Gabriel,

    thank you for this nice plugin!
    I’ve just searched, found and installed this. Works as expected.

    I am familiar both with PoEdit and with the old plugin “codestyling localization”, but like the tread author, I don’t get the German language view.

    The files are created in Poedit and have the names

    Neither in the backend, nor in the frontend I get further.
    For testing purposes I also put them under /wp-content/languages.

    Can I mail you my files?


    Plugin Author Gabriel Berzescu


    Hello Henry,

    Sure, if you wish to mail us the files, please use our support ticket form:

    Best of regards,

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