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  • All of the admin details of my two sites have suddenly changed to a foreign language, in a script that I don’t recognise. It is still allowing me to log in, and the pages themselves remain in English – albeit now set right to left – but it’s impossible for me to do anything with the site.
    I have a suspicion that someone has hacked in a changed the details, and no idea how to resolve this. Does anyone know?

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  • Can you go to general settings and scroll down to site language. It will be the 8th item. Once you get it fixed you need to upgrade to 4.8

    Sucuri showed no evidence of a hack.

    Thanks K. Unfortunately no luck with that. I can see the icon for general settings, but once I click on that I get three options all in Arabic, and clicking on all of them just reveals more screens full of Arabic.
    There’s also a box top right with some script and 4.8. I don’t know if that’s a download option.
    All very confusing.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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