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    I really like to use your plugin but it is not in french and there is no .po file to translate it. It is interesting for me to buy the pro version only if it’s in french.

    I understand english and I am able to translate it (I have to take my time to do it) but when I use the plugin, there is a lot of informations (in english only) and it is too hard for me to understand all specificities with no translation.

    So, it will be very cool if the .po files will be included with your plugin or have a page where we can find those files.

    Also, the sound for your “wizard” videos is not enough loud. I have to turn-of my air conditionner to understand what your say…

    Have a nice day.

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    First of all, thanks so much for your feedback. It’s much appreciated.

    Our only method for translations is our standard website:

    If you think your English is good enough, and you want to contribute in translating our plugin to French, please feel free to email us. We can create you an account for this and explain what we offer in return.



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    Do you have an email address to contact you because I saw no contact on https://onedollarplugin.com because to more easy to translate files with PoEdit

    I don’t know if GitHub is free if we to put folders on it, but I translated all Avada theme and some plugins too with this platform and it works very well. Example : https://github.com/Theme-Fusion/Localization-l10n

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    Side note: @jmisic Right now, please ask @onedollarplugin or @paultgoodchild to assign your account as a plugin supporter or contributor for this plugin if that is what you are.

    Your local neighborhood moderators will thank you.

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    Paul, I’m not sure if I understand well about your “Done”… (I’m a noob on this forum). I see anywhere that I am a contributor ou something else for your plugin.
    Is it because now I can see the word “Export” at the end on translation page (I didm’t see that before, maybe it was there…)?
    So, I download all files and I started to translate them (over 25% finished now). I will end it today or tomorrow but at this moment, I don’t know how to upload it on the translation page.

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    I was responding to the moderator, you can ignore it.

    That site where you downloaded it from, it’s best to run the translation through the site itself, as we suggested. We can create a username for you on the site… that’s what it’s there for so you don’t need to export anything etc.

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    I just sent a request to create a login, but it it would take less time to do with poEdit for sure.

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