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  • Where are the language files for 4.x?

    In 3.5 they were in /wp-content/plugins/email-subscribers/languages/ but now there is only one file: email-subscribers.pot

    Where can I download the other? Documentation say that they should be part of plugin

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  • Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    Sorry for the inconvenience you had.

    WordPress are now getting language files from and
    we ES 4.0 onwards don’t ship language files with plugin.

    It would be great if you can contribute to the translation by visiting WordPress translation page.

    Hope that helps.

    Well, I just checked the French translation, and 77% of all suggestions are in waiting state, many as old as 2016!

    The same for german translation! Many of them are in waiting state (>2000 now!). You have to check and approve them, please.
    You can’t just offload translation to users (we’re glad to help you in this way), but then do nothing with our input.
    Where do I find then the po files to check, which translations are already installed in my wordpress installation for your plugin?

    OK, found the language files at
    There were dev and stable files. I took the stable ones.

    The name of the old language files (in 3.x) were:

    So i renamed the new files to the same names.

    But nothing happens, still button say “Subscribe” and labels say “Name” and “Email” in English.

    How can I change this?

    Also, when updating to 4.0.6, the language files were deleted so I had to go back and get them again from How can this be avoided? If we do changes in the files, we really do not want them to be deleted at each update.

    Well I investigated a little bit about how localization works in wordpress. There is now a central way, that plugin developers can use to deal with the localization files. Finally the files are then stored no longer in the plugin directory, but in the wordpress path “wp-content\languages\plugins”.

    So the generation of localized .po and .mo files is delegated to the wordpress website to the translation section of each plugin. There is now a standardized process for user contribution, where users can suggest translations and the plugin developer can accept (or reject) this translation. I guess (I don’t know it right now), at a certain percentage of translated text, wordpress generates the localized files and updates them through the wordpress update process. In the past I’ve seen that at the word press dashboard there were also “Localization updates” available.

    Well, this is a process, that would overwrite files, if we edit them. Nothing that we can do against it, we should NOT edit them anyhow in this way…

    Our problem is now, that with version 4 icegram is using the wordpress localization and, despite there are already many translation suggestions, they haven’t yet accepted much of them, so the localization files are not generated and we do not get them on our installations.

    EDIT: I’ve just copied the localized files “” and “email-subscribers-de_DE.po” from old 3.5.18 path “\languages” into the path “wp-content\languages\plugins”. Now I am getting some localization in the backend section, showing me, that this is the correct location for localization files now. However, icegram should focus now on accepting those translations, that we are getting localization again via the official wordpress process!!!

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    @olivermerk localisation works on WordPress.

    We don’t know german. So, can I make a request to WordPress to make you Project Translation Editor (PTE) for German (#de_DE) translation? Or else you can also make a request to become PTE for Email Subscribers plugin.

    Here are few useful links

    @liane_ Can I request WordPress to make you French (#fr_FR) PTE for Email Subscribers?

    PS: PTE can approve translated strings on WordPress

    Hi @malayladu (and the rest reading here),

    I was looking at the WordPress translation jobs, and the source of the strings looks old?

    and review the source of e.g. “email”:


    it links to this file, which is a 3.x filename.

    Can you update the index in the site, so translations are current with a 4.x version?

    Best regards,




    @lsoerup Has been fixed. I’ve translated german already. Could you please also contribute your language, if possible?

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