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  • Hello.
    I ‘ve noticed something in my file manager that I cannot figure out how it can happen.
    I’m using w3tc with page, browser cache and minify, cdn enabled.
    I removed transposh after 10days of trial installation as I got an alert for intense cpu usage from my provider.
    Now even after I delete all the files in the cache directory I see persistent creation of language coded directories with cached pages in.
    I have also deleted the transposh database tables.
    Why does this happen? How can I stop this? It bloats my disk space usage.

    THank you

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  • Plugin Author Ofer Wald


    So many fail to read the sticky about where to get support,

    Not here.

    Your situation is simple, and isn’t caused by our plugin (as you have disabled it), I would advise you to check why are those pages created, and what is their content.

    Good luck

    Thank you for your “kind” response.

    Apparently it is not caused by your plugin as long as it is removed.
    However it seems that it’s coming from plugin’s code leftovers (I guess), as the directories that are created are named with country initials and contain untranslated (though) replicas of cached pages.

    I hoped that you as a programmer could hint me and show me a direction to look for a solution to this “simple”situation.

    Plugin Author Ofer Wald


    I will reiterate on my answer,

    If you wish for my support, please read the sticky on where to get it. I will be happy to provide “kinder” responses there.

    There are no code leftovers, none whatsoever.

    This is my answer as a programmer, or whatever else I am.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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