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    WordPress version: 3.8.1
    WPML version: 3.0.2-a
    WP e-Commerce version:
    WP e-Commerce Multilingual version: 0.2
    Gold Cart version: n/a
    Theme: Twenty Fourteen (originally zeeStyle, but switched for troubleshooting)

    I did this:

    I installed WP to a wp subdirectory, and set Permalinks to the post-name format.
    I installed WP e-Commerce with the Multilingual plugin, and I’d already worked with WMPL for a long time on the site.
    I set WPML to use subdirs for languages.
    I renamed the WP e-Commerce Products page to Shop/shop, and created the Dutch translation Winkel/winkel.
    I created categories like Books/books and its translation Boeken/boeken.
    Then I proceeded to create products and their Dutch translations, for instance Mashup/mashup-paperback (EN) and Mashup/mashup-pocket (NL).

    I expected WP e-Commerce to do this:

    I thought the permalinks for my products would be:
    (EN) /wp/shop/books/mashup-paperback (url with english slugs)
    (NL) /wp/nl/winkel/boeken/mashup-pocket (url with dutch slugs)

    Instead it did this:

    (EN) /wp/shop/boeken/mashup-paperback
    (NL) /wp/nl/shop/boeken/mashup-pocket

    So the Dutch products have the English base shop url.

    Is there any way to set the parent for products, so I can force the Dutch-language product pages to have the Dutch-language Winkel page as their base url?

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  • PS: An additional problem with the Dutch [productspage] is that it doesn’t show any products at all, while the English version shows all English-language products as it should. And the breadcrumb category links don’t show any products either, just the top-level shop link.

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