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  • Hugh


    If I understand your plugin I can group tags two ways:

    1. By language:
    • German tags: Auto, Buch, Sofa, Zeitung, LKV
    • English tags: Car, Book, Couch, Newspaper, Truck
    • By semantics (as I define them):
    • Vehicles: Car, Auto, LKV, Truck
    • Furniture: Sofa, Couch
    • Reading Materials:Newspaper, Book, Buch, Zeitung

    What I would like to do is simply define equivalents:
    Book=Buch, Car=Auto, Truck=LKV, Newspaper=Zeitung

    In terms of UX what I want to happen is when someone types either Buch or Book into the built in tag field that it links and applies the correct tag pair. Is this third option possible? I guess it is like defining an RDF tripple… But in the taxonomy.

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