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  • I will try to collect my findings on all the errors Landing Pages causes to WordPress here. Maybe this helps in making “Landing Pages” better.

    – some things are broken by Landing Pages in Chrome, but work in Firefox
    – Landing Pages JS has to be coded better (more robust)

    Broken in Chrome and Firefox:
    – Tabs under “Landing Pages” “Settings” don’t work
    – the standard “Upload/Insert” buttons on editors throughout WordPress is broken!!! (rendering WordPress broken in Chrome/Firefox if using this plugin — BAD!)
    – “Check for Javascript Errors” just doesn’t show anything (shouldn’t it at least show “no errors” if none are found?)

    Broken in Chrome:
    – sometimes the “Upload/Insert” button worked in Firefox yesterday, but now I can’t reproduce it in a working condition.

    What I think has to be done:
    – Landing Pages has to get a major bugfix update (I think we all agree on that)
    – Landing Pages JavaScript has to be coded better/more robust
    – the “Power Button” menu in the top admin bar has to be switch-off-able
    – the debug functions have to work

    What I am using:
    – MacOS
    – Firefox 29.0.1/Chrome 34
    – WordPress 3.9.1
    – Half and Half Landing Page Template
    – my Landing Page:

    List of my activated plugins:
    All in one Favicon
    Allow REL= and HTML in Author Bios
    Easy Pricing Tables
    Easy Table
    Header and Footer
    InboundNow Extension – MailChimp Integration
    InfiniteWP – Client
    iThemes Security
    Landing Pages
    NK Google Analytics
    Target Blank In Posts And Comments
    Theme Blvd Layout Builder
    Theme Blvd News Scroller Widget
    Theme Blvd Shortcodes
    Theme Blvd Sliders
    Theme Blvd Widget Areas
    Theme Blvd Widget Pack
    WordPress FAQ Manager
    Wordpress Language
    WordPress SEO
    WP Greet Box

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  • Update:

    – Remove Javascript errors menu pops up but isn’t properly scrollable (so I only see the switches for the first 14 JavaScripts. I see there are more but I can’t get to them.

    Same both on Chrome as on Firefox.

    Features throughout WordPress administration are broken – so at least having the option to switch off the “Power Button” stuff in the admin bar would be a great help.

    Any hack to be able to do that?

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