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  • Hi!

    I’ve been having trouble finding exactly what I need through search because I honestly have no idea what it’s even called. Keywords are eluding me, and “landing page” doesn’t seem to be cutting it because what I’ve found seems way over the top with extraneous features we don’t need. Here’s what we’re looking for:

    A musician client wants his users’ first visit to his WordPress website to show a starting page where he displays the Transposh translator and the dates for his latest tour or his latest music video. After the user makes their selections, they click through to the regular index with his blog posts and information. Using some of the landing page addons, like Premise, for this purpose seems a bit much…

    Ideally he’s hoping the start page won’t show up again except under the following circumstances: if the user clears their cookies/uses another machine, or if the musician updates the page with a new call to action or video.

    Or, perhaps something like this could be achieved with a full screen lightbox addon on the index, but again I wouldn’t even know what keywords I should be looking for.

    Any pointers in the general direction of where I should be looking would be very much appreciated!

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