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  • Help?! I am not strong in any code, and am stuck with my landing page footer!

    I have created a landing page for my website using the “Landing Pages” plugin. I use the galaxy theme for the website, and I like that format for the landing page as well. Using the Contact Form 7 plugin, I created a form and added it to the landing page sidebar, which is where I want it. But when I preview the page, it also shows up in the footer against a black background.

    How do I get rid of this?? (the site’s not published, so I can’t provide a link, but I have screenshots if there’s a way to post them)

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  • OK, it doesn’t matter if I use the landing page conversion area widget or the contact form 7 widget, no matter what I add to the sidebar of my Galaxy-themed landing page also shows up in the footer.

    I know there is something simple I am missing here…how do I access the footer of my landing page?

    I am still looking for help on this issue. I am trying to access the footer of my landing page because it is automatically copying whatever content I put in the right sidebar. I know there’s an easy solution, and someone out there has it!

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to help with something like this without seeing the site. Try deactivating one or the other of those plugins and/or any others you are using to see if there is a plugin issue.

    I published the page so I can get some help on this.


    Yeah, it’s putting the text widget in both places – have you looked at the widgets screen in your dashboard? (Assuming that’s where they are set up?)

    yes- on my widget screen there are no “bottom widgets” at all. It hasn’t tried to do this on any other page, only on the landing page plugin.

    You’re going to need to try to narrow down what is causing that to happen – try deactivating other plugins to see if that fixes it. If not, switch to the default theme. If it’s a theme issue, you’ll need to contact the theme’s developer for help – as that’s a commercial theme and we don’t have access to them for testing or use – so can’t answer theme specific problems.

    You could also ask on the plugin’s sub-forum –

    OK, thanks for the advice. I’l play with other plug ins, put a call out on the plugins forum, and probably look for a different landing page plugin in the meantime.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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