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[Resolved] LAME plugin, LAME developer

  • I was having trouble with this plugin working properly in IE 6 & 7 with Quicktime, so I wrote a post to the developers forum. The reply I got back was: “Clyde: QuickTime embedding is buggy, at best. Not much I can do, sorry.” When I remarked about the helpfulness of that response I got another response that include the phrase: “So yeah, f..k off Clyde.” SO I would not recommend this plugin or any of the Vipers other as well, cause if you have a problem you might just have to “F..k off”!!

    I am in the process of switching my site to Yaosan Yeo’s Quicktime Embeded plugin which seems to be working much better!!


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  • whooami



    meh, I read the comments — everyone has a hard day, and while you werent really hard on him, I can understand the frustration in his voice. Its a pain to support plugins — everyone wants something, and its never the same, and, and and.

    Theres no law that says someone has to be pleasant to ppl that want stuff.

    And, he makes a valid point about the use of embed, its deprecated and its crap.

    lol, people who except proper paid-like support from a developer who releases free plugins in their spare time crack me up.

    Besides, I was being nice and polite. You were the one who started being an ass, and this thread further proves my point.

    Anyway, I really do hope you enjoy Yaosan’s plugin.

    I’ll add that the plugin is great, it works well and is surprisingly well supported. Clyde/Beamer: I read the comments on Viper’s page and thought you were clearly out of order. Go pursue your petty vendetta elsewhere.

    @viper007bond: I so agree with your statement

    Beamer, these developers work very hard to give us plugins. Go take an anger management class, fool!

    Beamer – you’re wrong.

    QuickTime embedding is buggy, at best

    And how!!

    Once, just because I had nothing better to do (yeah, okay, okay, it could have been a cocktail related incident), I stitched together a 360 degree panoramic, converted it to a .mov and embedded it in a blog. By gosh it worked!!! Complete with zoom, pan, tilt and chrome curb feelers! Sort of… But I guess it’s all about expectations, isn’t it?

    I believe I was playing with this:

    QuickTime Embed

    (Not relevant, not WordPress related, and not really all that humorous).

    I hope some of you had as good a day as I did today!!!!

    Just trying to share the Love.



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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