• I loved your products and I used in multiple projects but whenever I update to your “latest” version, you are doping a feature.

    What kind of annoying tactic is this? Its wordpress people, what you are doing is against all the morals of this community and totally absurd.

    Now I have to deal with my clients why their form dont have a Phone number field anymore. Guess what? Am not gonna recommend them to buy the premium version, because that is not how business is conducted. Am gonna drop the plugin at all.

    Not only am going to stop using your plugin at all, but also i will tell everyone how your business model is based on greed and deception.

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  • Hey 👋 We’re so sorry to see you go, @ocraminng!

    I know this much be a huge bummer — especially when clients are relying on you. For that, we’re sorry!

    for what it’s worth, this is certainly not a ’tactic’ or an act of ‘greed.’ We can see how it might appear that way, but the truth is we were forced to make this change in order to keep the free plugin going at all.


    Hey @ocraminng,

    This is Drew, owner of The Theme Foundry, the company behind HappyForms. I apologize that we had to remove features from the free version. The reality is we needed to make this change to continue supporting HappyForms. Still, we should have done a better job communicating with the change, and I apologize for that.

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