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    Hi, good theme at first glance.. but when I started creating a PAGE (not Homepage) just a single page, it shows the standard blog sidebar. There is no option for “full width page” without sidebars, which is disappointing. Is this theme another “bait me free theme”, then you have to pay for features that should be pretty standard..? Let me know, before I give a review, thanks Groggo

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  • It’s true, there is no full width page template in the version hosted on But there are tons of other features that you won’t find in free themes, so I’m not sure why you would call it bait. Besides, we’re clearly stating the features on from the start.

    Too bad, I too desire a full width page for text and have spent hours attempting to find how to remove the sidebar so as to create a full width page. I even tried to embed a youtube video to make use of the dead sidebar space and unfortunately the embed only showed the video title and not the video so the sidebar remains dead space and the page looks like we forgot to include sidebar stuff. too bad otherwise awesome looking. We even tried some css content resizing but it failed as well (but we don’t have clue what we are doing with css).

    So is there a way to remove the sidebar (left half of the page) and make the site page full width? site in question is

    Sure, you can add something like this for your front page (it applies only to the front page, the way you have it know but you can extend it to whatever else you need): .content-area {
       width: 100%;

    Hi Vladff , that code I already tried my own before. But the sidebar seems to be hard coded into the theme, so it still shows an empty column there.. I was looking for a theme that has at least 1 full width, NO sidebar, page template. This is pretty standard.. I can use another theme, like “flat bootstrap” cheers, Groggo

    I’m embarrassed to say that I tried (and somewhat) succeeded adding that bit of code you mentioned yesterday, but now cannot figure out where I pasted it and can’t seem to undo it. It is only applying when I’m using the Moesia theme, so I must have somehow edited the code of that theme but can’t find what exactly I edited. I actually deleted the Moesia folder from my computer and re-downloaded/installed/activated the theme on WP but it’s still messed up. Yikes! Any clues of what I did??

    As Groggo mentioned, that code doesn’t help because the sidebar is still there, so it now just covers it up.

    .. sorry to hear that. I always use the SIMPLE CUSTOM CSS Plugin, never edit core files.. then you just delete the code if needed. You most probable edited in the theme files. Simply delete the old theme, then re-install the theme..


    Of course it doesn’t help. It was only meant for @chefleez and his use case. You would need to hide the sidebar. Something like this would work (replace xx with the id you need):

    .page-id-xx .content-area {
       width: 100%;
    .page-id-xx .widget-area {
       display: none;

    Use the plugin that hartmutnz recommends above, or any other plugin for custom CSS.

    We’re probably going to add a full width page template in the next update.

    Vlad this worked for my site too, thanks

    are we not supposed to use a child theme for editing the CSS? is a child theme not a good idea for this theme? or is it just that a plugin is easier

    Hi, child theme is fine… I just find it easier to use custom style sheet, I don’t need functions etc.. so that works, check out “simple Custom CSS” or similar, cheers, Grooggo


    Has the full width page template capability been built into the theme by now? I wasn’t able to locate it.


    Yeap, I belive we’ve implemented it right after this discussion. It’s called Full Width and it’s in Page Attributes.

    Hi Vlad,

    Thank you for your amazing and generous theme.

    How do I set ‘full width’ in a post?

    Thanks again.

    not yet solved for me please help how to do it

    Funky developers dot com

    you need to choose a template that allows full page options like Moesia. I found it under pages, look at desired desired click quick edit then click template drop downs and if allowed you will see a full width option and select.


    First of all thanks to @vlad for this amazing template.
    Second, the full page it’s cool but how i can put the post with the same 100% width ? i’ve removed the sidebar but doesn t work.
    anny suggestion ?

    Thanks all

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