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  • There’s a reason this plugin has a high number of poor reviews. It doesn’t work and the devs didn’t provide support. They did nothing! I have all the emails to back up my statements.

    Ruel and Dean were provided the exact information of what wasn’t working. Instead of troubleshooting it, all Ruel did was turn the plugin on (I had deactivated when it wasn’t working) and said it was fine, when it wasn’t. They didn’t even bother to look at the specific information they were given on what wasn’t working. Instead, I was subjected to multiple emails of a highly hostile nature from Dean. That is exactly what lackluster is, and they are deserving of the feedback. It’s fair, and it’s honest. But Dean doesn’t want people to be honest, and conceded to being entirely unprofessional.

    Instead of actually looking into what the exact issue was, after being given all the information, he spent time which could have been used for actual support to instead act childish and refusing any support at all, attempting to blame me when they had all the information.

    I ultimately had to change the password for the login he was given to prevent them from engaging in unethical practices or carrying out any intents to cause harm to the site. I felt it was necessary given his unstable emotional state, represented in the (non)support responses. At the same time I changed the login, I also uninstalled the non-working plugin. That was 14 hours before his last email conceding to his unprofessional behavior. I chose to use WPMU instead. It’s stable and it works.

    They’re running quite a racket with their claim the plugin works with any theme. It doesn’t. They also divert support from the forum to ZenDesk, undoubtedly in an attempt to skew public perceptions of their support and plugin’s performance.

    I have all the emails which documents they were given all the information, and it also documents they did nothing. There was no support. If there actually had been, this would be a non-issue.

    These guys rank up there with the worst devs ever, and they got told so. I don’t tolerate that kind of decorum from my 12 yr old.

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    Thanks for your kind words Leslie.

    For those that want to look here is the screenshot from our support where we did look and our response was.

    Hi Leslie, I saw the popup looks fine and one thing I notice is, there is an element covered the popup ( ms-slider ) – you can do fix that by using reducing the css z-index so that popup will be in front.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you.

    Oh Dean,
    What dishonesties you tell.

    OIR was provided the information it was posts, not pages, where the issue was occurring. Nice try at being deceptive, but your are busted. You’re proving my point for me.

    You wasted a lot of time with nonprofessional nonsense instead of actually providing support. WPMU’s SLIDE IN plugin works perfect, and they have great support and community around their products.

    Now, I get to post all of my screenshots.

    In addition to the link I initially provided, OIR was told it was a post, not a page issue. What I thought was just laziness, has been replaced by outright dishonesty.

    When I sent it over to Ruel, I was polite about it, even used emoticons. And now you’re telling a false story. But, the response was lackluster. Apparently it is terribly painful for you to spend 15 seconds to read, or to click, or to even be honest. But you have no problem wasting my time will rubbish that doesn’t resolve anything.

    Ruel’s response was polite, but it was incorrect and shortsighted. The ms slider isn’t an issue impeding function. If it were, the screen cap you post would reflect that. So, thank you for proving yourselves wrong.

    Dean’s response. Apparently he doesn’t read.

    If you’re going to take the time to respond, respond correctly and with professionalism, instead of like an insolent toddler throwing a temper tantrum. And make sure you are correct, otherwise, you look like a fool.

    I encouraged Dean to be professional about it. OIR had been given the info it was a post, not a page, issue. Instead, he wished to spend time not providing support, being hostile, and never furthering the advancement of understanding.

    There’s not other information to be given. So what’s his excuse for not providing support? Oh, that’s right, he’d rather insult customers because that’s what he considers a good business practice.

    See that? He admits to acting unprofessional. 14 hours before receiving his temper tantrum email, I had uninstalled the plugin. It was clear he values hostility and fighting over actually supporting the product. He asked me to send it to ZenDesk. He asked. Then, this is what happens.

    Yep, they are running a racket. It doesn’t work with every theme. They don’t provide support.

    I stand by my final words, at least I thought this was finalized until I saw the support forum where he was having a conversation as a party of one (some schools of thought are that represents paranoia and deception. Now, we see why.) It was very clear this guy isn’t capable of meeting the representations they make for OIR.

    I installed WPMU’s SLIDE IN Plugin. It works great with WSIJA/ Mail Poet via form shortcode.

    While OIR is making a mess of themselves and ruining their brand (something they have no control over,) the competition in the marketplace has cemented themselves.

    15:39 reviews are negative for this plugin; That’s 2.6/5, half of them. There’s a reason why. Now, we see what that reason is.

    Two things are very clear to anyone who reads this: 1) OIR doesn’t do what they say they will do, and 2) WMPMU has better plugins.

    You are out of gas.

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    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    *Does the time out hands thing*

    leslie1019wp? This topic stopped being productive around the first paragraph of this review and this back and forth isn’t accomplishing anything.

    I’ve deleted your last 525 word essay as well as the last comments from Optin Revolution.

    If you need support for the plugin (and it’s clear that that won’t happen) please feel free to start a new support topic. This review and your other support topic is closed.

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