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  • Page managers are useful when you have – a lot – of pages.

    When you edit a page, Swifty page manager opens the page in the same browser window. That means you lose the Swifty page manager page.

    Your tree is gone. Poof. And so, moreover, so does the position you were in, in the page tree. Gone.

    When you finish editing a page, you need to:

    Go back to Swifty page manager
    Let the page tree load
    Find the page you want to work on, or re-find the location in the tree you were on before the tree closed. Imagine having to do that with say 500+ pages.

    The more pages you have, the more time you need for Swifty to load the page tree, for you to find a particular page, etc.

    Then when you edit a page, the whole process of going away from the tree, having to reload it, having to find your next page, etc, repeats. The more pages, the more time it takes to find a particular page.

    Edit or modify a few hundered pages, and you have wasted significant time using Switfy compared to a page manager which allows you to stay in the tree, keep your position in the tree, and allows you to open a page in a new window.

    Time is money.

    In other words, the more pages you have, the more you need a page manager, the slower using Swifty becomes.

    In this regard, even the default WP page manager is better, because you can edit a page in a new browser window.

    And there are quite a few page managers which will allow you to edit a page in a new window and keep the tree open, and keep your position in the tree.

    Even moving a page in the page tree forces a reload of the tree.

    For these reasons, I am giving the rating I am giving.

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