• 1 – You can only have one album and one cart per page. If you have multiple albums on different pages, the visitor cannot add songs across pages to the same cart. They must create a separate cart for every album page and check out multiple times. Deian agreed this was an issue and offered to fix it months ago. All I get is lip service and excuses for the delay every time I email him, which has been several times (and I have all of our correspondence filed).

    2 – Twice now, all of my song titles and pricing has disappeared and the song list on all pages changes to the string (mp3) where each song title used to be. If you click the word (mp3), it gives you an option to download the matching file for FREE!!!, which is the actual full song.
    I now have 13 albums (pages) with between 6 and 12 songs each that no longer have song titles or pricing. My song titles included the musicians, the songwriter and the song length, all manually typed. It will take me over a day to rebuild them even if the bug gets fixed. Who’s going to pay me for that? I’d rather start over with some other music seller software or try to set it up in WooCommerce as a digital file store.

    I have asked for a refund.


    Adendum … I figured out what caused the store to remove the song title and price. I used WordPress Quick Edit on those pages from the “all pages” list in the dashboard. I tested it with a test album page. I didn’t change anything. I just clicked Quick Edit and Update and it broke the page. Be careful!!

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    This guy has stopped responding to any of my support requests or emails. He also did not respond to my request for a refund.

    My last issue is, I checked the box in the settings that allows you to, “Send an email to purchaser so they can click the download link(s) in the email.”

    The emails never arrive. Sometimes the “success” page never loads either so there is no way for the customer to get his/her file until they contact me and I circumvent the system.


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