• I have just encountered a lot of problems with this product…
    [1] purchased premium license “it expired 1 week later” after I was provided a patched upgrade plugin (still an issue & opened a ticket)
    [2] Some add-on’s work with pro/premium upgrade others don’t (still an issue)
    [3] Poor & incomplete documentation on how to use the WooCommerce payment integration and how to link WooCommerce payment products to LMS Course (extremely confusing)
    [4] Unresponsive to mobile “unless you use the generic themes”, and no responsive mobile support for Nerve theme specifically (have asked repeatedly for help, none)
    [5] Google classroom support and integration is totally not as advertised. I have not found it to be usable at all and that was the main reason I purchased the product
    [6] Tech Support – It is unclear what their response time is supposed to be or how to efficiently get product support. My experience with regard to response time has not been adequate

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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