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  • amanandhishoe


    WooCommerce is a great plugin. It makes it easy to set up an online store and sell things online. Over the years it has created a platform that millions use and rely on. It has developed the platform in a way that other parties can create plugins to add features to WooCommerce. All great.

    However, quality control when it comes to testing new releases is sadly lacking. On June 8, 2021, WooCommerce released version 5.4.0. The main purpose for WooCommerce is for online commerce. But version 5.4.0 had a bug that broke online payments for many, many customers. Suddenly, customers could not complete the checkout process. The bug made it impossible to validate credit card expiration dates or handle CCV codes. How could a bug like this pass WooCommerce quality control?

    On June 9, WooCommerce pulled the 5.4.0 update. Fortunately, the problem was fixed with 5.4.1 on June 10. But this is not the first time WooCommerce has had to fix an update as soon as they released it.

    So, use WooCommerce. It has many wonderful features. Used with a good hosting company and a content delivery network like WP Rocket, you can create a fast, responsive, compelling online store and succeed.

    However, be careful about installing updates. Maybe wait a week before installing the latest release of WooCommerce. Let others debug the release for you. If after a week, the latest release is still the latest release, it should be safe to install.

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