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  • Congratulations. These look like some of the most beautiful designs or themes that have ever been made available pro bono to the WP community and thank you. I am interested in how the terminology is developing and being used. If Kubrick is a design and some one alters it completely then what is left from Kubrick? Once the design is changed how is Kubrick different ? . Is it just a bunch of hacks of the WP install? Does it need different files? And if – as is apparently the case it can now be themed – how is that different from theming of 1.3. Do I have to switch from the proven php architecture of WP to something else? If so what are we getting ? . And is a Kubrick WP install compatible with everything else WP like plugins. ? So is MH the Kubrick designer a *designer*
    or is this really a forked WP install? And what has that got to do with the main stream WP community? Could we fit one of the very nice styles being offered by dss without altering our underlying WP install? If not why not? These are IMHO questions of some significance to the WP user base.

    Here’s the way i see it:
    As of Kubrick 1.2.5 it’s now just a drop in template. There are rewriting and permalinks, and various other code added to the index, comments and a special search page, but otherwise it’s really pure WP 1.2. No more .htaccess or nothin’
    I don’t see including your index.php mods with a style (often done around here) as a forking or even a hacking of WP. It’s all WP.
    So what i have done is taken the original Kubrick, very plain and a blank canvas for those who want to design their own pages, and essentially “themed” it.
    My work is purely CSS and Photoshop. the rest is all Kubrick and WordPress. Thus, i consider these designs for WordPress, and Kubrick.
    I suppose i could rewrite them to be pure css/images, and not require any modifications to the index.php and people could just drop them into the images folder and redirect the css file.
    But i really feel that wouldn’t be giving the credit where it’s truly due:
    To Michael.
    He’s done a powerful thing with Kubrick, and it’s as important to me that he receive the source credit here, as if it were my own design from scratch.
    Also, without some of the simplified Kubrick elements they would be useful, but not nearly as much fun.
    As for 1.3 i have no idea. I’m currently operating somethign like 11 installs of WP with plans for a few more. But i haven’t gotten to 1.3 yet. I was kinda waiting for it to be released.

    Ahhh plugins… i missed that part. sorry.
    So far, i have installed plugins at will, and had no trouble or conflict with any of them.
    the one’s i can think of:
    Auto-hyperlink URLs
    Latest Activity
    Recent Posts
    Recently Commented Posts
    nicer archives
    weather report
    category icons
    Acronym Replacer
    Breadcrumb Navigation
    Dumb Comments Link
    Search Hilight
    Image Browser
    Content with show/hide javascript for “more”
    Dunstan’s Time Since
    Dunstan’s Time of Day
    Brian’s Latest Comments
    Brian’s Nested Comments
    Comment Count
    WP Style Switcher
    there’s some more, but that’s all i can think of right now…
    not a single problem.
    It’s WP, and i’ve modified the kubrick theme. that’s all.

    Yes but apart from the visual aspects the *theme* which you have now developed and altered beyond recognition what is different. ? That is what many of us are confused about.

    Different from Kubrick?
    only the images and the css
    I guess i figured stating that these are themes for Kubrick and WordPress, plus Kubrick’s author’s blessing kinda said it all.
    Am i missing something here?

    Well what I want to know is if Kubrick is not a design or theme because it can obviously be changed as you have shown – then what is it ?


    Well no its not. The interface for WP 1.3 is changing actively as we speak. There is the stub for themes already installed. The 1.3 index calls sub files which contain in some cases either opening or closing divs but not both. At the same time some devs are putting parts of Kubrick ad hoc into 1.3. What I and a lot of users with an investment in templates, themes and style sheets would like to know is what the road map is. In the meantime if it becomes apparent that the Kubrick *vision* is not a design at all but is in fact a hacked version of WP a lot of people are going to be interested. In particular those of us who have not got it fitted want to know what it does. To try and suppress legitimate discussion, or worse to first characterise it as personalised before closing it down simply does not serve the best interests of a lot of users. IMHO. But then a lot of folks give every appearance of not understanding what the issues really are. But 1.3 is not dead. Far from it. And nor is its development. So NM what is your contribution going to be ?

    i see this is a swamp.
    whatever, and here i was pouring my heart out.
    (feels foolish, packs up pencils, departs…)

    well said dss 🙂

    Just a quick playing with themes in 1.3 and adding Lack of Love to a test blog just used the Kubrick 1.3 import, changed the graphics and css.

    Would you mind pointing readers at the install instructions for a WP theme please ? And for Kubrick ? has the Kubrick for 1.3 and follow the instructions which is to put it into wp-content/themes/kubrick/ and activate from admin under Presentation. For the Lack of Love, I substituted the images and graphics cause if you look at the header, graphics have the same name. Now if one were to create a non Kubrick inspired theme, there would be a bit more work. I have not done any extensive testing but I am sure that if I after being awake some 24 hours and a bit tired can install a theme, you can do it too. It’s really easy to upload the folder to the proper directory.

    Am I right in saying that you first need to fit the theme manager plugin or no . Tx for your help. I just want to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

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