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  • Hi I need some help figuring out my problem with Vimeo videos.

    The main issues is that I am using the Laboreal Video Gallery Plugin to create a Vimeo video gallery. If I add videos from youtube all is fine and works but if I try a Vimeo video it wont create a thumbnail for the video. Therefore you can’t see that there should be a video there but if you hover over the spot you can click the link and the video will play.

    The next part of my problem is to do with embedding. Again if I use a youtube link in a post the auto embed works perfectly but not at all with vimeo it only shows the link text. I’ve done some reading and tried pasting the link in visual and html views in all sorts of ways. The only way that it works is if I use <iframe>.

    Which leads me to believe that maybe these two issues are related. Is it possible that there is some issue within the WordPress core files? I’ve tried different versions, I’ve deleted plugins, I’ve re-uploaded the whole site. Nothing seems to help.

    This is the code the plugin uses to pull the data from Vimeo:

    case (‘’) :
    $hash = unserialize(file_get_contents(“” . $id . “.php”));
    echo ‘
    <img src=”‘ . $hash[0][‘thumbnail_medium’] . ‘” class=”video_thumb” />

    I’ve tried playing with it but I really don’t know any php so no real idea what I’m doing.
    This is the page where the video gallery is:

    At the moment I’m forced to only use youtube for the videos.

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