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  • Hi,
    i just would like to ask if this behaviour is a normal thing or not:
    i added an index page and the related index link into my menu.
    if i stay on the primary index, the label of the menu link is the primary index label (es. recipes), but if i go into one of the secondary index (es. appetizers) the label of the menu link changes to that term (appetizers) even if the url link remains (correctly) for the primary index.

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  • This is happening to me as well, did you figure it out wikihoover? 🙂

    Oh hey I didn’t fix this but I did an end-run around it: I deleted “Index” from the menu, added the index w hard-coded url to the menu & subitems also as custom links. This stopped the irritating glitch 🙂

    hi @axiswebdesign, i did the same: delete the “index” type menu, and created the related “primary” and “secondary” using the custom links. this works, but with the “index” type new “terms” were added automatically, but for now it doesn’t matter.

    In addition, I figured out that in the secondary index page, the “title” of the page remains (or is set) the terms of the primary index. it’s just me? or there is a configuration in such a way i can have the single category title in the secondary index? (not the title in the content, where i can choose h1,h2 and so on, i’m referring to the <title> on the tab page)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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