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  • Hi guys,

    Been struggling all afternoon in html to try and get the contact form looking how i want it with alignment etc (span and padding within the form itself). Got it just right but there are two areas i cannot seem to work out. Im not that great in CSS or HTML but am trying lol!

    Can anyone help me with the label alignment of both text area and drop down menu? Basically i am trying to make the label align right of each, like what a text field would do… but on choosing these two options the label wants to, 1: on a drop down menu sit above the menu 2: on a text area sit at the lowest point of the box. Hope this makes sense… i have uploaded a pic of what i mean to get a better understanding of what i am trying to achieve. Am i overlooking something very simple ?? If anyone can help sort it, in simple terms hehe, then id greatly appreciate it. 🙂

    My Problem

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  • Update…

    Managed to sort out the text area by using floating labels and now looks nice. However the drop down menus i cant resolve by using this method. It seems that they default to the ‘second line down’, if that makes sense. So even with a text label i can align the text to be in line with the drop down menu, BUT it always leaves a line space above the menu. So in theory on every drop down menu i have an extra space above.

    Anyone help me please ??

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