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    Just curious if there were WordPress groups in LA. I’m sure there are but would love to rub elbows with other developers, users and just network.


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  • W’sup Onekea,
    I live in Southbay LA. R u near here? I’m new at this wordpress stuff. I want to learn. If u can help me out, get back. Thanks.

    I’m just east of Shreveport, way up north.

    I’m in North Hollywood. I would like to share tips with fellow wordpress users

    YES Im In Hollywood Chosenberg, I am having a tough time with API Key and Gamepress. Could we meet up sometime? My email is [ redacted, support is offered via the forum and not email. Also this is NOT the forum to request support. ]


    Hey all,

    I am located in West LA (Santa Monica, right off the Santa Monica Blvd. exit on the 405) — I just made a listing for a monthly meetup if anyone’s interested in attending.

    I am an advanced user very experienced with the ins and outs of WordPress along with other CMSes (content management systems), dynamic web applications, PHP as a language in general and it’s interaction with MySQL/database driven dynamic websites, web development, e-commerce, web design, etc.

    I am new to these forums but I have been coding and producing countless projects and programs, sites, scripts, etc. for about 15 years now. I would be happy to offer my assistance to anyone who is new to web development in general or specifically wordpress if you are having issues.

    I’m also always interested in networking with fellow developers and creative/artistic types — and intellectual individuals in all forms. I enjoy helping newbies and I am one of the few coders who actually enjoy “difficult” and “frustrating” problems & the process of investigation and repair that comes along with that.

    Currently, since it’s likely going to be a small group of people interested in showing up (if any at all, lol!) I’d be glad to host a gathering at my condo. I have more than enough power outlets, computer accessories/cabling, and fast enough internet and seating for up to about 8-10 people. Not to mention a ton of books, personal experience and a boatload of developmental software. We can relax on my couches, set up a local network and hook up a few extra monitors, play some tunes on the stereo and brainstorm some ideas/develop new stuff or just relax and see what happens.

    It’d be nice to meet even a small handful of people for possible collaborations, including paid work if anyone here is freelancing and could use some jobs – I have a lot of stuff coming my way these days and could use some assistance at times.

    I have posted the details for the event here:

    Anyway, my name is Michael and you can contact me personally through my profile page on here, and I’ll respond to your e-mail pretty quickly. All are welcome – from the complete beginner to the most hardcore *nix nerds. Just as long as you’re not a creep.

    You are GOD SEND NETLUX!! Please email me at

    I am so honored and lucky to have met your acquaintance here and looking forward to picking your brains!! I will bring good food!!


    Apparently it’s too late to edit it. I’m a schmuck sometimes and I forgot to link the event page.

    Here it is:

    That sounds awesome! I develop customized themes but there is so much more I need to learn. I hope a few other people can attend as well. I haven’t clicked on your link yet but I’m definitely down to connect with other users and developers. Count me in.

    BTW, you can email me directly Michael. My email is rob (at) usd21 (dot) org. I’m in Culver City so about 5-10 min away from Santa Monica.

    There are a number of LA-area WordPress meetups:

    Santa Monica:
    Orange County:


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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