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    I recently installed 2.6.1 (I know it’s not tested yet for the “elements of SEO” theme), but the theme works GREAT for everything (my new site: However, when I inserted the “read more” code into a post — because some of my posts are really long — it caused the l_sidebar.php to shift down as though the #contentleft DIV had become too wide to accommodate the #contentleft, l_sidebar.php, and r_sidebar.php.

    I didn’t test to see if this issue occurred without using a the dynamic sidebar, but I’m pretty sure it will continue to happen.

    Otherwise, FANTASTIC theme and easily customizable. Coding is super clean and explicit in it’s construction. I plan on further modifying it if I have time.

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  • To try and help I need an example of page with the symptoms on there so I can try and see what the problem is.

    I’ve put a “more” link into the post that says “Color Grading” (second one down from the top).

    It has caused the sidebars to shift:

    Please take a look as it is my homepage and not on a dev server.


    Looking at the DIV order using the web developer toolbar in Firefox, I can clearly see that when I used the “insert more tag” in a post, WordPress is physically MOVING the r_sidebar.php and l_sidebar.php into the #contentleft DIV!! Why this is happening, I cannot discern.

    You’re help is much appreciated.


    I think the shifting (side columns wrapping underneath the main content)is due to the use of the widgets in the sidebar and some padding issues. I’m pretty sure I have fixed it but I want to just test one more thing.

    I have your email from the elements blog so I’ll email you when its ready to download again.



    Great! I look forward to getting the email and I’ll append the CSS file. This is a great, clean template to use.

    I have a similar problem with another theme ( )
    Maybe if you give me your solution I can apply it to my blog.


    @dillouz, as it turns out, if you create a custom sidebar (i.e. non-dynamic sidebar), it may appear to “fit” within the width of all your DIVs. HOWEVER, if you switch over to using a dynamic sidebar instead, formatting can get wonky causing the spacing of the sidebar to grow and therefore leading to the DIVs wrapping under other DIVs (I’m not sure it what ways it changes as the maker of theme I’m using did the changes himself after I noted there was an issue).

    @drewsto updated his theme (in the CSS and by creating a new DIV) by making some changes to the width when a dynamic sidebar is used. Go easy on yourself and design for the dynamic sidebar to work and then create your custom sidebar. From looking at his changes, the width issue has to do with ul/li/ol etc. embedded within other ul/li/ol (e.g. #comments ul li li ol and so on).

    I THINK that will help this problem from happening to you.

    All in all, test test test. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

    div tags are the reason the sidebar is shifting. Disable the visual editor when writing and edit your posts removing all of the funky tags that the editor created…and you should be in business. I had a similar problem and disabling the visual editor seemed to have fixed the problem.

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