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  • Hi,

    last week I moved a WordPress website from a shared hosting server to a VPS trying to speed up this website. The transfer went well. The site is up and running on the new and faster server.

    However, some images are missing. They’re missing in the front-end. Certain posts show the alt text but not the image. When I ask to view the image with my browser; the file isn’t found. However, the file still exists on the server when I look at it via FTP.

    [b]This happens with images with accented letters in the file name.[/b] On the previous server this wasn’t an issue; image files with accented letters (é,à,è, …) were perfectly shown in the front end. On the VPS these images are not shown in the website. The files still exist in the Media Libary as a Media Item, without an image, hence they exist in the database.

    I’ve got no idea how this happens and by what it’s caused.


    On the left side there should be an image.

    When I copy the filename from the FTP server into the browser I do get access… Very weird.

    Anyone know of a solution?

    thanks in advance,

    Bart De Vuyst

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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