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  • I imagine that this is still a live issue for some. I wasn’t hacked but I followed some of the threads and naturally took an interest in what was happening. It seemed to me that and the people that designed their site are legitimate looking businesses so I decided to email them.

    Perhaps some of you won’t agree with such a direct approach but my reasoning was that if they are legitimate businesses they may have unknowingly initiated something that they can also stop. It won’t fix the issue on our end but it may at least in regards to this singular case stop the hacking.

    Here is the reply I got…

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the information.

    The indicated website is a finished project, so the control is entirely by the owner – Kvantservice LTD. Of course we will investigate the case because we DO NOT tolerate any illegal activities including hacking, spamming and etc.

    Most likely Kvantservice just bought a cheap “Drive traffic to your website for XX dollars” package from an underground company without knowing what promotion methods they use.

    The owner of the company will be notified and I hope that they will understand
    the importance of the problem.

    Kind Regards,
    EBPW Webteam

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  • kvantservice is up to almost 16k links on yahoo now… many 2.5.1 blogs.

    But nothing to see here. I am sure this entirely has to do with a significant number of people having incredibly lax security.

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