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  • thanks

    i found the index.php that contains the hack code

    it is in the public_html folder. if i replace it with code from a backup i get errors

    should i delete this hack file? do i need a index file in the public thml folder or do i use the index that is in my theme?

    thanks for helping me,

    you need the one in public html, but if it’s not working you may have messed it up a bit

    You can simply download a fresh copy of WP, and use the one in there

    Also, if you still get more errors, the hack goes deeper. Read the links @samboll posted, you’ve gotta take some time and be thorough…. you may need to re-upload all wp files, reupload/clean your theme, delete and reupload all your plugins. Scan through your entire server for rogue files inserting crap, look through your DB, etc. And, you will definitely need to change all your passwords.

    Here’s a bit of a blurb about what I went through learning how to clean my WP install… was a pain, but every time I tried, and wasn’t thorough, the hack came back

    read RVoodoo’s link – he had a bear of a time cleaning his blog up but stuck with it and got great results


    I upgraded to 2.9.2 and upgraded all the plugins and the hack went away

    the index page reverted to it’s old self

    i hope it’s fixed i will investigate deeper this weekend

    thanks again

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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