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  • Congratulations! I’ve been reading and installing content management packages for some time now. Honestly, I figured your “5 minute install” was pure bull. I was wrong and happily admit it!

    With the plug-ins available the clear and simple Admin area, I caught myself saying (in a bad, fake, British accent), “By Jove, I think I’ve ‘gaht’ it!”

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  • Cool. Now tackle backups!!!! WordPress Backups

    Geez, give me a chance to tinker before I work on backups. 🙂

    My first concern is to get multiple sites running on one WP install, Is that possible? The reason for my question is that I don’t want to destroy the cleanly installed site that exists on my localhost … rather I’d like to establish a new sandbox site … now THAT, I’ll need Backups for 🙂

    help, ideas? all appreciated

    BTW, this is also the first site that I’ve gotten such quick, focused feedback from … when does this get ugly and complex?

    ahh, I’m sure you’ll need more info.

    I have an XAMPP installation. Within that install, I’ve created an htdocs/Wordpress directory. Is it as simple as creating another directory with another name and placing a copy of the WordPress files in there too? I can see wp-config.php may need some mods and a new MySQL DB may be needed.

    Can you point me in the right direction? I’m sure this all seems really basic, but, it’s these small steps that we new users often get too little help with.

    You got it–the directory structure would be just as you said:

    You can use the same database, just need a different $table_prefix in your wp-config.php for each install.

    Installing Multiple Blogs
    Moving WordPress <–just in case you ask

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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