• I just wanted to mention what a great product WordPress is! I dragged my feet for years on swapping from my Greymatter to something easier to use and was constantly at odds with my host because the cgi’s caused processing issues. Plus, I only have one MySQL DB with my current hosting package and for some reason I was holding on to that.

    I recently installed CuteNews to run my cooking/kitchen type site but didn’t think it would be appropriate for my blogs.

    I must say that when I started looking around at blog software yesterday, I was doing it out of too-sick-to-do-anything-else-boredom. 😉 When I saw the 5 minute install comments, I felt challenged and while I spent the afternoon tweaking and converting one of my Greymatter sites, it really was a very easy install and I did in one afternoon what I thought would take me whole weekend!

    The application is very polished looking and has quite a few nice features. The pluggins are so much easier to add in that either Greymatter or CuteNews. And I can’t wait to dig in and start designing my own templates, though the one I am using is very nice and I’ve gotten some complements on it. 😉

    Anyway, I’ve decided to also convert my other blog AND the cooking/kitchen website in the next month now that I’ve discovered I can use the same MySQL DB for all of them!

    Kudos to the WordPress folks and the pluggin developers!

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